Greenlaw Maple Products

Greenlaw Maple Syrup Generations of Greenlaw’s, and now McLaren’s have been offering tours at our bush since the first maple syrup festival, and we look forward to your visits for many years to come! We’re very proud to have a founding member of the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival on our team – Thanks Wally!

Our appreciation is an understatement, we have so many friends and family that help us throughout the season, we are truly fortunate! Jaret & I consider one of our greatest fortunes is to be able to continue to work with Myrt & Wally, they have built the reputation and we’re determined to uphold it…Thanks so much Nan & Pa!

We have some fantastic friends which are an integral part of our operation, we are so thankful for Jim, Preston, Jeff, Sara, Lindsay, Ashleigh, Shelby and all of our friends who take time to drop by the camp and bottle, carry in wood, or simply just to say hello!

Jaret & Pam (Greenlaw) McLaren

Be sure to come and visit us at the Elmvale Maple syrup Festival April 26, 2014